Traditional Montessori teaching methods leading into the 21st century.

Asheville Montessori School

Caitlin Ortega

Assistant Teacher

Caitlin Ortega“Hi there, my name is Caitlin and I’m happy to be joining Asheville Montessori School as an assistant teacher with Ms. Tori. I was born and raised outside of Atlanta, GA, and lived in California for a few years to complete my B.S. in Chemistry from Stanford University. I have had the opportunities to work in chemistry and biochemistry research labs at my alma mater, and spent 2 years post-graduation working in research and development for a biotechnology start-up company in Silicon Valley. I moved to Asheville in the summer of 2015, seeking a better climate for my mental health and the well-being of my spirit. I must say, I fell in love with the city, which has the friendliness of the South combined with the quirkiness of San Francisco.

It has been my great pleasure and freedom to recover the knowledge that love is not a limited commodity (it is available in limitless supplies!) and that our worthiness is not earned through external achievement, but rather is intrinsic. Children have not yet lost this knowledge, and it is my passion to nurture this inherent wisdom that we each come into the world with, and my privilege to be reminded of it every day in my work. I love how the Montessori environment fertilizes the soil for each child to grow in his or her own way, and it is my sincere hope to contribute to an environment which allows every being to be the brightest, happiest, most secure and loving version of themselves they can be. I hope to contribute to creating safety and space for the children to grow into themselves.

Outside of school, I love yoga, walks in nature, animals, self-study, writing, cooking and eating with loved ones, and connecting with empowered women and other brilliant beings. I also very much enjoy expressing myself through painting (acrylic and watercolor) and creating all sorts of things with my hands. I’m always seeking to expand my emotional intelligence and my well-being, and I devote much of my time to the art of living well, which for me means endeavoring to operate from a place of authenticity and love for my self and the world around me.

That’s just a little glimpse into me! Thank you for reading my bio and welcoming me into your community!”