Asheville Montessori School



Dear Parents,

Our TerraCycle brigade has been going well! Instead of going into the landfill, these hard-to-recycle items are being turned them into affordable green products! For more information about the TerraCycle program and products, visit Thank you, everyone, for your collection efforts!

Here’s a recap of the items we are collecting at school for recycling:

Tape Dispensers Any brand core and empty dispenser

Toiletry Items Any brand of deodorant containers (no aerosol) and caps, floss, toothpaste containers and caps, toothbrushes, soap wrappers.

Cheese wrappers Any brand and kind of cheese wrapper (zipper bags from shredded or cheese cubes, string cheese wrappers, block cheese, pre-sliced cheese wrappers, wrappers from block cheese, etc ).

Energy Bar Wrappers Any brand of foil-lined protein bars, granola bars, diet bars, meal replacement bars, or energy bars. Also wrappers from Clif SHOT, Clif Twisted Fruit, Clif Roks, Clif Bloks, and Clif Gels.

Old Cell phones any brand

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office, or email!