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Assistant Teachers


Emily Nadel

Assistant Teacher

Emily Nadel staff photoHello! My name is Emily Nadel and I recently moved to Asheville from Boston, MA. I studied Art and Anthropology at Colby College '14, ME. While I miss the salty air (and maybe even the freezing winds and ice at some point), I feel at home in the mountains here and I am excited to be a part of the Asheville Montessori community!
Before coming to Asheville, I completed an urban education fellowship with MatchCorps, tutoring third and fourth graders and assisting in classrooms. I have also volunteered as a mentor, taught youth poetry, pottery, and drawing, and worked as a college writing tutor. I love learning, running, listening to NPR, taking photos of odd and beautiful things I see around me, reading fiction, and sending snail mail.
I look forward to learning with and from the students!

Suzanna Baum

Assistant Teacher

Suzanna Baum Staff photoHey there! My name is Suzanna. Though I hail from Colorado, I’ve been living in Asheville off and on for 16 years. I love animals, traveling, gardening, making art, making music, meeting new people and of course, spending time with children! Over the years I have chosen several diverse career paths. I have worked with chimpanzees using sign language to communicate, I’ve been a traveling musician, and I’ve served as a voice for the trees doing conservation work. Nothing, however, has brought me more joy than working in early childhood education. I truly cherish being able to discover the best qualities in every individual child, and fostering those gifts into their future.I feel blessed and in the perfect place at the perfect time to be able to share this Montessori path with you and your family.